9 benefits of balcony glazing


Balcony will be a wonderful extension of the living room where you can sit and relax whatever the weather. By glazing the space you already have, you can get your own oasis with plants, furniture and colours. During the hottest season, the glazing can be folded all the way to the side, which means that you get a completely normal open balcony


You avoid getting rain, snow and unwanted animals in and the temperature on the balcony is comfortable from morning to evening, from early spring to late autumn


Glazing is an environmentally friendly solution. You can save on energy costs by up to 20 percent. This is because the balcony will heat the air before it is let into the apartment, and in this way reduces the need for heating. Thanks to savings on heating costs, the glazing made from recyclable materials pays back for the CO2 emissions caused in its life cycle on average 4 years depending on the type of home and balcony


On hot days, sun blinds protect your apartment from strong heat and keeps the temperature in the apartment comfortable


Less noise. Noise from roads, planes and other things is reduced


Allergy friendly and less cleaning. Far less dust, exhaust and pollen enter the balcony


Increased security. Our glazing comes with child-proof locks and makes it more difficult for unauthorized persons to enter


The balcony is protected. Glazing extends the life of the balcony and reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance


Glazing contributes to a significant increase in value for the home. A glazed balcony has become a status that more and more people will invest in. People who are looking to buy an apartment will have a glazed balcony. Glass is an ideal material for creating shelter, while maintaining the desired view. In a survey conducted among brokers affiliated with the Norwegian Real Estate Association, it was revealed that a balcony is the factor in an apartment that arouses the strongest interest among home buyers