About us

Glassy was founded to bring together the best resources in the industry under the same roof and to offer the best possible service for our customers. Glassy is owned by its employees, who founded the company together with one of the largest balcony glazing operators in Finland and Sweden, Riikku Group Oy.

The founders Tuomas and Matias have plenty of experience in the industry, having worked as key personnel in another growing and forward-moving balcony glazing company in Oslo.

Our experience as installation technicians, installation and project managers, and as sales support personnel has convinced us that an absolute requirement for a successful balcony glazing service is good management of each process stage and the well-being of employees.

Our goal is to make it easy for everyone in Norway to have their balcony and terrace glazed.

Our values

We are honest with ourselves, with our customers, and with our employees. Our most important resource is the people in our team. We work together with a positive attitude, trusting and encouraging each other, and appreciating our customers. Everyone in the team is equally valuable and an important part of the overall service.

For us, the most important things are customer satisfaction and the successful completion of projects. We will not give up until we have exceeded your expectations.

We are a subsidiary of Riikku Group Oy

Riikku Group is one of Finland’s leading balcony project suppliers and installation services.

Riikku Group Oy is a balcony glazing professional established in 2005. Riikku has been growing strongly, but in a controlled and profitable way. The most important things have been customer satisfaction and the successful completion of projects. This has improved customer trust and accelerated growth. Riikku’s customers include all major construction companies in Finland. With some 200 employees, Riikku works with demanding projects and overall deliveries that include the expert sales of solutions, a skilled design and development organisation, efficient production, and precise installation and supervision. In Sweden, Riikku operates via their subsidiary Sakkes, which was incorporated into Riikku Group in May 2018. The company’s main office and modern production facility are located in Alavus of Southern Ostrobothnia. In 2019, Riikku installed a total of 63.2 km of balcony glazing and 61.5 km of balustrades.

Riikku invests heavily into quality and development. Our quality system was certified by Bureau Veritas in April 2013. Our balcony glazing system has likewise been awarded the European technical CE certificate in April 2013.

Riikku Group and Glassy share a set of values

Courage, expertise, and learning have pushed Riikku to develop and tune their processes and products. Caring, appreciating customers and employees, and working together have built trust and created long-term relationships. Safety and responsibility have encouraged Riikku to develop occupational safety and to work together for our common environment. Honesty and ordinariness likewise characterise the Riikku corporate culture.

With quality and respect for the environment

Riikku’s operations are directed by the ISO 14001 environmental certificate. Products made with recycled materials and the favourable effect of balcony glazing on the service life and lifetime energy consumption of structures make Riikku balcony glazing an ecological solution overall.

Tested and certified product and practice

Riikku balcony glazing is CE certified, and the ISO 9001 quality certificate directs the entire operation. Reliable schedules, smooth operation, and precisely dimensioned products are important for large construction projects. Our customers have come to trust us in all of these aspects.