An easy process in four steps

Here is a quick run-through of an efficient glazing project for your housing company:

1. Offer and presentation for the housing company and the residents.

  • The housing company board will order a free Glassy assessment visit with a product and concept presentation. To give you an estimate of the price, we will need drawings and pictures of the buildings or access to a balcony, so that we can roughly measure and design a product solution suitable for your housing company
  • To give you the best possible price, we will need an estimate of the number of balconies to be glazed. The more balconies that are glazed, the larger the volume discount
  • We will make you a customer offer and present our product and concept to all housing company residents

2. Ordering the glazing for your housing company

  • Each resident expresses their interest. The more people are involved, the better the price!
  • The glazing can be ordered during the presentation or later during a scheduled home visit

3. Separate contracts and precise glazing

  • We will contact the residents who ordered a glazing. Each balcony is unique and must be accurately measured – even if the balconies are identically dimensioned
  • We will send the order to our factory for production
  • Delivery term is per contract, usually 8 to 10 weeks after measuring the last balcony

4. Installation and invoicing planned together with the housing company

  • We will make a suitable plan for the installation project
  • We will get in touch with the residents and agree on an installation schedule
  • After the installation is done, we will send you an invoice. If you wish, we can also offer an interest-free payment term!

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