Balcony glazing

Modern balcony glazing and good service

Balcony glazing increases comfort and protects against the weather, bothersome noise, and dust. It also creates an extra room and space for various uses. With Glassy, you can feel safe. We offer a functional and modern product with quality installation by skilled technicians.  Our experience in installation and supervision works in the industry has created for us the best routines for good service and for the smooth delivery of balcony glazing from order to installation. We have been the key operators in many of the most challenging balcony glazing projects in Norway, projects that have been completed for private persons, housing companies, and developers.

Two glazing options

Our product is a so-called frameless retractable system, where the glass panes can be moved to the side and opened inwards when you want to open up the glazing in whole or in part. There are two different glazing types available:

  • Split glazing, where the panes reach from the balustrade to the ceiling, glass thickness 6 or 8 mm
  • Full glazing, where the panes reach from the floor to the ceiling, glass thickness 8 or 10 mm

The panes are stapled and glued onto the profiles, which guarantees a long service life. They are easy to wash, and the glazing helps in keeping the balcony itself tidy. In order to make the panes easy to move back and forth, they are fitted with stainless steel ball bearings. The product is manufactured by our parent company Riikku Group, which is one of the largest producers on the Finnish market and awarded with the CE certification. The profiles are painted with a RAL colour of your choosing. Our selection is very high quality and safe. The panes are secure and easy to open and close.


Glaze your balcony with Glassy

Choose the best service and price to quality ratio on the market. Get in touch for a free presentation and a tailor-made offer for your balcony today! We are currently delivering our balcony glazings in Oslo and the nearby region.

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