Glass terrace

The modern solution for a terrace or balcony without a roof

Glass terrace is intended for a roofless balcony or terrace. It offers the same protection against the weather and dust as a balcony glazing, without blocking the light or obstructing the view. We offer a modern and durable glass roof solution that lets you enjoy the outdoors even in rain or when the winds blow hard. Glass terrace is a stylish, all-year-round extra room for your home, one that you can decorate with flowers and outdoor furniture without needing a separate winter storage for your things. The protection keeps the room cleaner, and a terrace or balcony that was previously exposed to the elements will not require continuous maintenance.

A glass terrace adapted to your home

Glass terrace by Glassy can be easily customised for the dimensions and shapes of your home, and it can also be delivered in any colour you want. We install glass roofs for detached houses, apartment buildings, and terraced houses in Oslo and the nearby region. Glassy’s in-house installation technicians and products guarantee a safe and high-quality total service.