Sun blinds

Sun protection blinds for balconies

Nothing is better than the warm sun, maintaining a comfortable temperature on your glazed balcony throughout the year! During the hottest days of the summer, however, the temperature may get too high, and you will want to adjust it with sun protection blinds. You can also open the panes and let the air flow freely, but the blinds will also help keeping the temperature in your apartment nice and cool. For this purpose, we offer a functional and stylish solution that will not take up space on your balcony and will improve your comfort even more. Attached directly onto the glass, easily installed, and easily demounted, the blinds let you choose whether you want sun, shade, or a little bit of both.

Privacy for your balcony

The sun is not the only thing kept at bay by the blinds. The blinds also work as the perfect privacy protection on a glazed balcony. They will let you enjoy your balcony without prying eyes. You can enjoy your balcony to the fullest, whenever you want, regardless of other people.